Zombies Entered The Secret Room Of Minecraft

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Stickmen’s search for the Secret Room…What could be more exciting? ????Only an adventure in a lost tomb full of zombies! A zombie invasion and a real zombie apocalypse!???? The only goal is to survive. Sneaky traps, hidden doors, concealed buttons – the world of Minecraft is full of unexpected surprises. ???? Which of the Stickmen has the sharpest wits? Tell us in the comments right away!

#stickman #minecraft #animation

00:00 – How it happened
00:22 – The hero’s legend ????
00:46 – No way! A secret artefact!
1:26 – The Stickmen’s escape
2:30 – The zombies’ secret lair ????
5:31 – A baby zombie! Save yourself!
7:31 – Just don’t touch that thing! ????
8:49 – This is the end!

Music by Epidemic Sound
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