Unprocessed - deadrose (Official Music Video)

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Unprocessed - deadrose (Official Music Video)

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Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Manuel Gardner Fernandes

Video Credits:
David Levy: Director / Producer
Leo Feimer: Creative Director / 1st AC / Producer
Leon Pfeifer: Producer/ Set Decorator
Thomas Otto: DoP / Producer /Colorist
Christopher Talosi: VFX Artist / Key Grip / Lighting Technician
Florian Wende: Key Grip / Lighting Technician
Leon Schwerdt: Lighting Designer
Julian Kalb: Set Designer / Set Decorator
Franziska Deckstein: Choreographer
Ioannis Hatsis: Choreographer
Aleksandar Bratic: Dancer
Aischa Ibrahim: Dancer
Bella Hofmann: Dancer
Lyn Lim: Dancer
Soner Kacar: Dancer
Ron Schallenberg: Dancer
Mina Ekaterina Muraschkin: Styling
Mona Thomas (HUNI clothing): Design and Branding
Jacky Schikowski: Make-Up Artist
Franziska Reimer: Catering
Nikolai Brunn: Behind the Scenes
Marco Kollenz: Runner
Malte Bernhard: Runner

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Flow like a river
Grow with the trees
Bloom in the shadows
Fly with the breeze

Glow in the glamour
Dressed in velvet
I shall not look at
Your thorns on array

Red was her colour
Raised with the wolves
Beauty in horror
Found in the woods

Dance with the devils
Writhing in lust
Moisture on velvet
Set to combust

Tempted to dance with
A wilted rose again
She took all my hatred
Now I can’t be the same

Like feathers on oil film
You can cling to my neck
Hands bruise in darkness
Life fades to black
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