Trump ‘defies the odds’ and keeps coming back like a ‘Hollywood movie’

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President Trump continues to defy the odds, recovering quickly from debacles such as the impeachment process and the coronavirus to pose a real threat to Joe Biden’s anticipated election victory according to RMIT University Professor Joe Siracusa.

“It’s a mistake to think this election is about the management of coronavirus,” he told Sky News.

“If it were then Boris Johnson and Macron in France and others would be in trouble including Merkel because these people don’t have any control over this dam thing.”

Mr Siracusa said “maybe 8-10 per cent of the American people haven’t made up their minds” which meant the presidents tendency to “whip up those crowds” could be a successful strategy for re-election.

“The president has defied all of the odds and he keeps coming back".

"It’s like a Hollywood movie."
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