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Top safest cars you can buy in India right now -

The auto market in India has been growing steadily since the last few years. Now with the number of people moving on the roads increasing day by day, the sense of safety keeps steadily reducing. Unfortunately, in the Indian car market, the major emphasis during buying a vehicle is given on the price, cost to run, mileage, and performance while safety takes a backseat. The idea of a safe car is coming up, slowly but steadily. There are now major car manufacturers who have started providing airbags and ABS feature as a standard across all variants.

We can assume that buying a car with adequate safety features should be on top of the list. Now, almost every car that is being sold in India right now gets a safety rating from Global NCAP (National Car Assessment Program). Global NCAP is a UK based company which focuses on the promotion of public health and safety, and consumer safety in vehicles.
NCAP results can be used as a datum point to evaluate the structural integrity of the vehicle, vehicular impact on passengers, and possible injuries or fatalities at the time of a collision.

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