Top 20 Anime Openings of Spring 2021 (First Ver.)

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Here’s the first version of my top anime openings of Spring 2021! If you enjoyed this video the be sure to like, comment your thoughts, and subscribe, just doing so helps this channel grow! Uhh see you next time ^^

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Ending Song: "Day after [Eris's La pousse mix]" by Eris
Anime on Thumbnail: Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood

Anime used on this list:
• Back Arrow Opening 2: "Kodou" by Eir Aoi
• Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season Opening [My Hero Academia 5 Opening] : "" by DISH//
• Cardfight!! Vanguard: overDress Opening: "ZEAL of proud" by Roselia
• Detective Conan Opening 53: "ZERO kara Hajimete" by Mai Kuraki
• Dragon, Ie wo Kau. Opening: "Role-Playing" by Masayoshi Ooishi
• Duel Masters King! Opening: "Updating Life" by DOBERMAN INFINITY
• Fruits Basket: The Final Opening: "Pleasure" by WARPs UP
• Godzilla Opening: "in " by BiSH
• Gokushufudou Opening [The Way of the Househusband Opening]: "Shufu no Michi" by Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai
• Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood Opening: "EXIST" by RAISE A SUILEN
• Kiratto Pri☆chan 3rd Season Opening 3: "Dreaming☆Channel!" by Run Girls, Run!
• Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui Opening [It's Too Sick to Call this Love, Koikimo Opening]: "Monoqlo City" by ACE COLLECTION
• Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no Shinpan Opening 2 [The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement Opening 2]: "Eien no Aria" by Sora Amamiya
• Sayonara Watashi no Cramer Opening [Good-bye, Cramer OP]: "AMBITIOUS GOAL" by Aika Kobayashi
• Seven Knights Revolution: Eiyuu no Keishousha Opening [Seven Knights Revolution: The Hero's Successor Opening]: "Freeze" by flumpool
• Shakunetsu Kabaddi Opening [Burning Kabaddi OP]: "FIRE BIRD" by Shunya Ohira
• Shaman King (2021) Opening: "Soul satisfaction" by Megumi Hayashibara
• Tensura Nikki: Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Opening [The Slime Diaries Opening]: "Brand new diary" by Akane Kumada
• Yakunara Mug Cup mo Opening [Let's Make a Mug Too OP]: "Tobira wo Aketara" by MUG-MO
• Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season Opening [Moriarty the Patriot 2 OP]: "TWISTED HEARTS" by Tasuku Hatanaka

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