The Secret Underground Airport - Objekat 505

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The ghosts of the former Republic of Yugoslavia still hide in the countries that have taken its place.

Although not many people know it, the majestic landscapes in those nations are scattered with secret tunnels and bunkers, explicitly built for the needs of a now bygone era. Some of these structures have found new purposes, but others have decayed due to the passage of time.

Such is the case of the ruins of the subterranean Željava Airport. This underground airbase holds a lot of secrets about the Croatian War of Independence, as well as The Cold War, and very few know about its existence.

This photo shows the massive underground airport, which held Air Force hangars and military barracks. Located under what is now the border between Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, this bunker could house over 1,000 people and had a communications system meant to serve as a Cold War-era ballistic missile warning mechanism.

Many countries had similar facilities, but what made Željava unique was its location. Since it was built inside a hollowed-out mountain, the airbase was practically indestructible.
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