The New Legends: Official Sea of Thieves Steam Release Date Reveal Trailer

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????‍☠️ Check out the trailer for Sea of Thieves' latest update here: ????‍☠️

Whether it's with a friendly wave of your hook or a cordial cannonball barrage, get ready to welcome countless fresh crews and new legends - Sea of Thieves is coming to Steam on June 3rd!

Watch the trailer to take a tour of some of Sea of Thieves’ most unique and awe-inspiring moments. Anything can happen in a session on the seas: you can fight immense Megalodon battles, tangle with a Kraken, raid a Skeleton Fort, chase down other unsuspecting player ships to steal their loot (or fall prey to another crew with the same idea), or change gears to take on fast-paced PvP gameplay at its purest in The Arena. If you’ve got the skill and the mettle to overcome these challenges, you might even reach the heights of Pirate Legend – unlocking exclusive cosmetics, locations and quests reserved for only the best of buccaneers.

???? Track: ‘New Legends’ by Gold Coin ????

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