The Among Us Rap Battle | #NerdOut ft CG5, Pokimane, Preston, Loserfruit & More [Among Us Animation]

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Among Us is all about collaboration so why not make an awesome collaboration between some of your favourite creators! The Among Us Rap Battle featuring CG5, Pokimane, Preston, Loserfruit, Drumsy, LilyPichu, Dawko & Cilvanis! Who do you think won? Like the video if you enjoyed and don't forget to subscribe!
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Video credits:
[In order of appearence]
Lily Pichu -

NemRaps [NerdOut!] -

Preston -

CG5 -

Pokimane -

Drumsy -

Ben Schuller [NerdOut!] -

Loserfruit -

Cilvanis -

Dawko -

Songwriter/Vocals - NemRaps [NerdOut]

Producer/Songwriter/Vocals - CG5

Director/Post Production - The8thhawk [NerdOut!]

Animation - Paul Kenneth Tongol

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