अक्षय कुमार की लक्ष्मी मूवी के Tandav song पर अजय देवगन सहित बॉलीवुड स्टार्स ने दिया ऐसा रिएक्शन

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Bollywood stars gave such a reaction on Tital-Laxmi Bomb Movie Song Tandav in Bomb Bhole.

(4 oct)

The trailer of "Akshay Kumar "'s upcoming most awaited film" Lakshmi "and one song won the hearts of the people, now the second strong song" Bum Bhole "of the film has also been released. The music and lyrics of this song are really awesome. Also, in this video, Akshay Kumar's style looks very dangerous, due to which his fans are giving different types of reactions on this new song of which Akshay Kumar is very much liked by the people, now only his fans They were giving their rejections, but now many big stars of Bollywood have also given their own feedback on this new song of Akki, someone has praised their songs, then no one has liked their songs at all.
Today, in this video of ours, we are going to introduce you to the same bollywood stars who gave Akki songs and reaxons and their reixon.

So let's know which stars he is from: -

Salman Khan

The first name in this list is Dabangg "Salman Khan", he has liked this song of Akki, he tweeted that "I have liked this song of Akki very much but the highlight of the whole song is Akshay's great dance. Hai kyaaaaaaaaaar ...

No. 2 Rani Mukerji

Actress "Rani Mukherjee" has also given a response to Akshay's new song Bam Bhole, how he felt this song, he has said through his tweet that he has written that "Akshay's new song is really tremendous song lyrics and music is very It is good but Akshay's look has not been liked but it looks really scary when I saw this song for the first time, I was so upset that the song has not been liked yet, the song is very good ".

Number 3 Ajay Devgan

Actor "Ajay Devgan" was already very supportive of this film of Akshay, while now he is seen supporting this song a lot, he said that "the trailer of the film was amazing and the song of the film was there." It is also very good, Burj Khalifa was a hit on the first day, now the second song of the film, Bum Bhole has become the number 1 song as soon as it is released, it is Akki ki Jadoo Hai Vel Dun Akki ".

Number 4 Sunil Shetty

Akshay's best friend "Sunil Shetty" has also given his response to this song and has told how much he liked this song, he said that "Akki Ain Love This Song is a very good song. What a dance to Bhole's song Akki has really done a song so strong that Akki's dance came out stronger than him, this song of Am Shure will definitely break all the records and become number 1 ".

Number 5 Anil Kapoor

The list of the star who reacted to Akshay's song includes the name of "Anil Kapoor", he has liked this song very much and he has also revealed this on social media to everyone, he has said that "this song is now The father of all the songs that has come up is a very powerful song, no one can stop this hit from happening ".

So friends, tell us this new song of Akshay, how did you comment in the comment box and also you should not forget to subscribe to our channel to know the similar spicy news related to Bollywood.
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