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Welcome to Trading Panthulu Channel,

Hello Everyone,
Stock market learning is one of the best way to enter into stock market, with our knowing stock market you should not come into stock market.
I Request everyone to learn intraday and do the stock market with out stock market learning it will be very risky to trade, if you like our teaching you can join our Intraday Course, or else you can learn from others that is also fine, but with out knowledge you should not come to stock market.

Tomorrow i can see a best buying opportunity in Escorts & Amaraja Batteries
& for selling i can see opportunity in hero Moto cop & voltas this one we have taken on Trend line ...

Where to Entry & Where to Keep Stop Loss and Targets i will give in our Trading panthulu Mobile

Remember Try to learn Trading and you will get Success in Stock Market Trading


You will find all educational videos in Playlist, I Request everyone to go check our playlist and Practice on it , You will able to learn all "Technical Analysis, and Technical Indicators in Stock market.

Hope this Video helped you and stay Tune for further Videos, we are Trying to make this Channel as best "Stock Market Telugu Channel".

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