Steam Trains Galore 3!

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All aboard! Come along for Steam Trains Galore Part 3! Once again, we will visit a variety of different steam railroads. Most of these are in the western United States, but you will also see one from the eastern part of the country. As with the first video in the series, a wide variety of steam trains are included in many different climates: everything from Dry desert and chaparral to deciduous forests. You will visit steam railroads in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Maryland. In a similar style the the original Steam Trains Galore, this video features no distracting captions and no narration, only the sounds of the trains and nature. At the end of the video, a full list of the railroads where this video was filmed is included.

Steam Trains Galore 3 is sure to put just as many smiles the faces of everyone as parts 1 and 2, so hop aboard for this exciting adventure!

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