Space Jam A New Legacy Toys 2021

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Welcome to the Jam! Space Jam: A New Legacy hits theaters July 16th.

Let’s check out the Space Jam A New Legacy Toys 2021.

Let’s kickoff this Jam with the 12-inch LeBron James Ultimate Tune Squad Action Figure.
Isn’t this an AWESOME replica of King James’ likeness from the movie?!
LeBron comes to life with over 8 interactive battle phrases and sounds from the movie.
He features his vibrant, film-accurate Tune Squad jersey, multiple points of articulation for dynamic posing, fantastic sculpting details and 4 wacky, film-inspired accessories – a basketball, Basket Boom, ACME Blocker, and ACME Mallet. Use Lebron's accessories to surprise the Goon Squad – leading the Toon Squad to victory. Imagine battling head-to-head with the Goon Squad with this SUPER COOL figure.

Also, look for the Marvin the Martian Ultimate Tune Squad 12” Action Figure in the line.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Ballers Action Figures are Tune Squad good guys ready to leave the Goon Squad villains on defense. Armed with accessories to ensure victory, the line features 4 posable figures: LeBron James with ACME Rocket-Pack 4000 gives "Hang Time" new meaning with a cool shooting projectile; LeBron James with ACME B-Ball Blocker; Bugs Bunny with ACME Blaster 3000; and Marvin the Martian with the Saucer of DOOM. The figures feature true-to-film details, vibrant colors, and cool movie-inspired accessories. Multiple points of articulation let you recreate your favorite action-packed scenes. Love the look of these figures. Imagine taking on the Goon Squad with your favorite characters – mixing-and-matching accessories to keep those villains guessing.

Recreate the all-star moves and scenes from Space Jam: A New Legacy with these 2-Packs.
The On Court Rivals Two-Pack line features 5-inch exclusive figures with movie-inspired details and articulation for dynamic posing. Look for LeBron and Chronos, Taz and The Brow, Lola Bunny and Wet/Fire, and LeBron and White Mamba. Bring your storytelling to life with included accessories. Imagine recreating the epic on-court action between the Tune Squad and Goon Squad.

Inspired by the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu, the Space Jam: A New Legacy Goo Heroes feature Bugs Bunny, Taz, and 2 LeBron options in a fun crossover. Bugs Bunny looks fantastic in Goo Jit Zu form! Pull, stretch, and bend gooey Bugs Bunny to shoot and score like never before. Even Taz joins the line. VERY COOL! Double-team and dominate the Goon Squad’s players with LeBron's cool squish-and-stretch ability. Choose from two different LeBron James variations, including the Power Up version. It’s stretchy, squishy fun … and I absolutely love how these two worlds collide in a fun way.

Who doesn’t love surprises? Space Jam: A New Legacy Mini Figures feature 22 mystery figures to collect: LeBron James and Tune Squad players like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Taz, Marvin the Martian, and more! The figures look absolutely FAN-tastic – they’re sure to be a SLAM-DUNK hit with fans. My personal favorite is Bugs Bunny. Look for single packs and 4-figure team packs. Will you find the Rare figures, Gold Hall of Famer figures, and the elusive Platinum Ultra-Rare figure? Build your Toon Squad and collect all your favorites!

It’s cuddle time! Cuddle with your favorite Tune Squad pals! Donning their movie-inspired uniforms, the Space Jam: A New Legacy Plush B-Ball Buddies are super soft and snuggly. Collect LeBron James, Bugs Bunny, Taz, Tweety, Daffy Duck, and Lola Bunny. Tweety’s so CUTE! They’re absolutely ADORABLE – fans will love snuggling up with them.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Super Shoot and Dunk Lebron James jumps, dunks, and hangs on the rim just as in the movie. Place LeBron James on the launcher, press the button, and watch him hit a three-pointer or send him soaring in for a THUNDEROUS slam dunk and rim-hang with authority.
The basket features 2-player scoring, and you can also shoot freely without the base.
It’s Tunes vs. Goons! Imagine an ultimate showdown against the Goon Squad. How COOL?! What a FUN way to bring the big screen action to life for fans!

Recreate the EPIC slam-dunk action of the film with the Gametime Playset. Use the Tune Squad heroes – Bugs Bunny and LeBron James mini figures – to shoot buzzer-beating three-pointers from the ball-launching bases. It’s Gametime! Pull back the mechanism and watch it go SWISH! It’s a fun way to bring the big screen action to fans.

With a fresh theme and Looney Tunes characters and locations, Monopoly Space Jam: A New Legacy Edition delivers a fun new twist with players literally shooting hoops to score. Recruit Looney Tunes characters, dazzle on the court, and score the most points to win!

Connect 4 Shots gets a Space Jam refresh, too. It’s Tunes vs. Goons in a frenzied free-4-all.
Shoot ‘em in 4 the win! Get 4 in-a-row to win.

What Space Jam: A New Legacy toys are you most excited for?
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