Space Engineers, Advanced Autopilot. Update Explanation. (Update 01.085)

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Join me, as I attempt to explain the newly improved Autopilot features. Autopilot has now gone from a simple list of locations to go to, but to a list of commands to be done, autopilot drones can now do just about anything you can just maybe not on the fly.

My Autopilot Test World:

Developer Autopilot demonstrations:

- Large Ship -

- Small Ship -

---------------------------------Patch Note---------------------------------

Official Patch Notes:

- improved ship navigation
- added the erasing functionality to terrain auto level voxel hand
- example workshop worlds with docking procedures:

- fixed character moves uncontrollably while in jet-pack (aka death when exiting cockpit)
- fixed autopilot overriding overridden thrusters
- fixed "No Share" prevents faction members from reading text when faction read/write enabled
- fixed beacon light visible when it should not be
- fixed asteroid invisible during pasting
- fixed character has wrong light when turning lights on helmet

Community updates (github contributions)
- added 2 decimal places to Oxygen Tank capacity (by Geneticus)
- introduced a base class for programmable block programs (by LordDevious)
- added modapi laserantenna interface (by mexmer)
- fixed check for DX11 support (by mexmer)
- fixed single and multiline textboxes (by LordDevious)
- fixed helmet toggle notifications not being overwritten (by THDigi)
- laser antenna LoS requirement is checked at all LoS checks (by Phoenix84)
- terminalproperty bool value (by mexmer)
- add projector only show can build (by yajiedesign)
- fixed memory leaks (by RossM)
Many thanks to all github contributors and modders!

---------------------------What is this game?-----------------------------

It's Space Engineers, you can get it here:


Background music from Space Engineers' game files.

Outro music is from the Portal 2 soundtrack, get it here:

--------------------Sage Models, Skins, and Ships---------------------

Download Custom Models:

----------------------------------SAGE Info-----------------------------------


Star Citizen Organization:
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