SP 2472 - Steam on the Niles Canyon Railway - March 30/31, 2013

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400th video!

Please excuse the sound error towards the end of the video.

This is a brief video featuring Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive number 2472 pulling some "Springtime Steam" Specials on the Niles Canyon Railway near Fremont, California. 2472 is a P-8 class "Pacific" 4-6-2 type locomotive, built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in January of 1921. It was delivered to the Southern Pacific Railroad in April of that year. Since that time, 2472 pulled fast passenger trains for the SP. After being retired in 1958, it was donated to the city of San Mateo where it was displayed in a park. In 1976, a group of enthusiasts got together to restore 2472. Since the early 1990's, the locomotive has been throughout much of California in excursion service. Since 2008, SP 2472 has been running at the Niles Canyon Railway on select weekends every year. For more info on the 2472, visit (Golden Gate Railway Museum).

More videos of this engine may be released in the not too distant future. For now, enjoy these few clips of SP 2472 on Springtime Steam!
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