Sheepey Race: From Side Hustle to $7 Million per Year Tuning Cars (Pt. 1)

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If you enjoy driving, tuning, and repairing classic cars, you’ve probably thought about starting a car tuning business. Alex Soto leveraged his passion for car tuning into a $7 million/year company and he’s here now to tell us how he did it.

Sheepey Race started in 2013 with Alex making Honda parts in his home garage. Today, they’re bringing in an average revenue of more than $580K/month, providing tuning and after-market performance upgrades for a range of vehicle makes and models.

In this interview with Alex, he’ll tell us how he’s grown Sheepey Race into an automotive power house that’s trusted by car enthusiasts all over the world. We’ll learn how much it cost to start a tuning shop, what’s involved in designing and testing parts, and how he stands out from his competition.

Along the way, he’ll share his advice for starting a successful car tuning business and the challenges and mistakes he’s faced growing his company (and what he’s learned in the process).

Along with tuning services, Sheepey Race runs a popular YouTube channel with over 130K subscribers. We’ll find out how this has helped grow the business and what other marketing strategies he’s used to build his client base.

Along with that, he’ll tell us how Sheepey Race got featured in national publications like MotorTrend and what role that played in building their brand.

Any car lover who wants to get into tuning as a career needs to watch this video! You can learn more about Sheepey Race’s products and services at their website, or subscribe to their YouTube channel here:

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0:00 Intro
1:10 About Alex & Sheepey Race
2:00 Initial budget and operation cost
3:05 Marketing
4:18 Shop Tour
5:34 How Youtube Helps
6:54 Alex's Day to Day Tasks
7:57 Operating Costs
9:02 Profit Margins
9:35 A Good or Bad Day (Dollar Wise)
10:11 Alex's Advice
10:44 Outro

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