Sea Wolves report - First America's cup race day review - Vendee Globe 2020 update - Time awarded!

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The America's cup race spectacle has officially begun with an intense first day of races. Finally we can take a look at the intense speeds and maneuvers of the AC75 when the skippers are actually racing. And the first heats absolutely didn't dissapoint, with Team New Zealand and Team American Magic coming out of the first races looking a lot more in control, and the Americans grabbing the first psychological lead over the Kiwi's. What will today's race bring to the table?!

In the Vendee Globe we finally see the time awards for the heroic rescue attempts by Jean Le cam and others in the sinking of PRB's Kevin Escoffier. Did the race make a fair allowance? And what about the weather over the next 24 hours?

We will discuss it all, with Coffee!
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