Romance of the Three Slavdoms (JBA Mod) 1/2

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Russia, Ruthenia and Poland. Who will come out on top among the three Slavic nations? We are playing as the Russian Empire in the strange world of JBA mod. The chaos begins from day 1 as a large game of 30 players explore this map and prepare for war and diplomacy.

JBA mod – officially known as “Pirate Struggle” - is the alternate history mod by JBA. (Juan Basado el Andaluz) I call it an alternate history mod, even though it doesn't have any lore or history. It was built up for multiplayer, in order to provide a different interesting experience from vanilla and DoD which we usually play, and the world is created for multiplayer balance or random silly ideas. I streamed it a couple of times before, which you can see here: and here: (1) (2). Those were done with previous versions, this video is done on version , and it has been updated even more since this. Here's the link:

This is a two-part video NOT a series. The campaign continued after this, but I had microphone issues in the recordings (remind you of Heirs to Aquitania?) which were devastating for the recording. Also after playing the whole campaign, I don't deem the events good enough for a full series. I will give a rundown of what happened to Russia in the rest of the campaign at the end of part 2. The content in the first session, which I am showing in the videos, is the best in the whole campaign from my point-of-view. There will be much better content for a series in the future, trust

The Muscovy DoD series – you may recognise a certain Muscovy vs Poland-Lithuania

More funny Victoria 2 stories:

Russia – me
Ruthenia – Valk
Poland-Lithuania – virtualrock AKA MetaMan500
Arctic Republic – Tokigar
Celtic Union – Garfield
Scandinavia – FattyArms
Host/GM/Japan – Soul47
Mod Creator/GM/Chagatai Horde – JBA
Italian Trade Federation – YoYoKaiser
France (no flag for subtitles but he sure talks a lot) - BigWeevil
Pirates of the Barbary Coast – PGAwesome
Meiguo – MoonBoi123 (This guy has a very unfortunate name in-game, and it's so pervasive that I simply cannot edit it out. I can't control what other people write and I do my best to edit such things but on this occasion, sorry, we just have to deal with it)

Music, in order of appearance:
Symphony Pathétique II, Tchaikovsky
Farewell of Slavianka Victory Parade version
Pictures at an Exhibition “The Hut on the Fowl's Legs”, Mussorgsky
“Battle 1” March of the Eagles Soundtrack
“Soldiers, Brave Lads” Russian military song
“Calm 6” March of the Eagles Soundtrack
Drums of the Deep, Kevin MacLeod
March of 108th Saratov Infantry regiment

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If you want to join the discord for this multiplayer, or any others, head into my discord and check out the channel which has links to loads of Vic2 multiplayer communities.
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