REPLAY: Rocket Labs Electron "In Focus" launch (28 Oct 2020)

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This is a replay of the live stream.
Launch time: 5:21 - 6:03 pm EDT (21:21 - 22:03 GMT)
Launch site: Launch Complex 1, Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand
Destination: Low Earth Orbit
A Rocket Lab Electron rocket will launch on its 15th flight with the CE-SAT-2B Earth-imaging microsatellite for Canon Electronics and nine SuperDove Earth-imaging nanosatellites for Planet. Rocket Lab nicknamed the launch “In Focus” in reference to the Earth observation payloads on the mission. Delayed from 20 Oct due to weather. Scrubbed on 21 Oct due to a sensor issue.

Core components of the 1st, 2nd, and Kick Stage engines are 3D printed!
Engine print time: 24 hours
Height: 17 m
Diameter: m
Stages: 2
Nominal Payload: 150 kg
Max Payload: 225 kg
Nominal Sun-Synchronous Orbit: 500 km
1st Stage Engines: 9x Rutherford
1st Stage Initial Thrust: 162 kN (34,500 lbf)
1st Stage Peak Thrust: 192 kN (41,500 lbf)
1st Stage Specific Impulse (ISP): 303 sec
2nd Stage Engine: 1x Rutherford
2nd Stage Total Thrust: 22 kN (5,000 lbf)
2nd Stage Specific Impulse (ISP): 333 sec
Kick Stage Total Thrust: 120N

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