REIKI MASTER????Acne Treatment and Blackheads Removal with Face Steam????MASTER ASMR????#ASMR

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Hello! all you lovely people out there.
Welcome to your channel MASTER ASMR.
So why massages?
why do people from all around the globe like watching ASMR massage videos.
The answer to the above question is very simple but a little long one,in my opinion.
Massages can be traced back through all ancient Greeks and Romans used massages as their principal means of pain relief and healing.
In India,massage has been practiced for over 4000 years and early Ayurveda texts feature massage as one the principles of Ayurveda promoted the belief that "Health results from the harmony within oneself".
Massage is the oldest of all techniques for relieving pain and reconstructing stimulates the lymphatic flow and invigorates blood chemistry thus cleansing the entire body is effective in relaxing the mind and body and helps to relieve the tension of daily life.

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