Radiance Barrage Mod (with Radiant Paintmaster Sheo)

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A mod created by a2659802 to have Absolute Radiance's orbs constantly spawn throughout the fight to increase the challenge slightly. So I pick an easier boss to test it out. This isn't the mod's actual name (it doesn't have one) but I'm tentatively calling it that until a2659802 gives it one.

The constant dodging of orbs definitely kicks the fight up a notch. Currently, the orbs spawn per enemy over a certain HP threshold, so bosses like Obblobles spawn double orbs (doable, but much more crazy). Sisters of Battle spawns triple orbs, but only in the first phase (it spawns no orbs in P2, sadly). This can also be combined with a2659802's nightmare spikes or short slash mod if you want to ramp things up further.

I may try some more fights like this though I'm not sure how feasible radiant difficulty is combining these mods without descending dark.

Radiance Barrage isn't on the modinstaller but can be found in the HK Discord by searching for "constant absrad orbs".

The modinstaller can be found at

You can also get it at the HK Discord at

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