Power Book II: Ghost ‘JABARI’S MISTAKE’ & Zeke’s Relationship With Professor Milgram Discussed

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Power Book 2 Ghost Episode 5 Mid-Season Finale set up an interesting storyline with Jabari Reynolds who's Tariq's professor for Canonical Studies plagiarising Tariq's work. Tariq was asked to do a 15 page assignment which turned into a 25 page assignment and with Jabari being under pressure from his agent to deliver on his next novel Jabari resorts to copying Tariq's work. Zeke and Carrie Milgram's relationship looks to have hit the burner as well with them two having sex in episode 5 and what will happen with Carrie and Jabari's relationship now? Could we see a scenario where the sex hungry character of Carrie Milgram becoming pregnant with Zeke's baby or not knowing who's baby it is, Jabari or Zeke's?

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