Pop Pop Boat ???? Putt Putt Steam Boat ???? How Does A Candle Powered Toy Boat Work?

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A pop-pop boat is a toy boat with a very simple steam engine powered by a candle or a fuel flame. The hull of these boats are commonly made of tin sheets and they consist of only a boiler and two tubes protruding from the boiler. It has some interesting science behind it, so let us see how the boat works?

How Does A Candle Powered Putt-Putt Boat Work?
When heat is applied to the boiler, water in the boiler flashes into steam. The expanding steam pushes some of the water in the exhaust tube, propelling the boat forward. This causes a vacuum to form in the boiler, which pulls the water back in through the exhaust tube. The water that is brought back into the boiler is then heated into steam and pushed back down, and the cycle repeats.

The boiler is the component that gives the boat the distinctive putt-putt sound. This is due to the boiling chamber being covered by a very small sheet of metal. The piece of metal usually has a convex or concave shape which is briefly inverted as the pressure changes in the chamber creating the putt-putt sound.

Putt-Putt Boat, Can-Can Boat, Toc-Toc Boat, Puf-Puf Boat, Poof-Poof Craft, Phut-Phut Boat, Or Pouet-Pouet are some of the other names and all these names come from the noise the boats make. Crazy Boat, Flash Steamer, Hot Air Boat, Pulsating Water Engine Boat, are some other names.

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➾ The boat should always be demonstrated in the presence of an adult.
➾ Careless use of candles can cause a fire.
➾ The boat will get hot at times so exercise caution.
➾ Since the boat has rough corners, proceed with caution.

The toy boat comes with an attractive tin boat, candle holder with wax and dropper. In case of the candle wax being over, we recommend you use oil and a wick to continue playing with the toy boat. This toy will truly amaze and help kids self discover the science behind its working. A great gift for schools, birthday parties, and acts as a prize or reward.

Take care and have fun.!
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