POLICE CHARGE ME... Learning my lesson the hard way | Enduro gone wrong

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So unfortunately this video is not the situation I had planned for a day out greenlaning riding police says it sall, but unfortunately for me, it was totally my fault.

Anyway long story short I went out hoping to have some fun riding byways and a bit of greenlaning. Things turned bad before we even got going and the Police decided to pull us over. As you can see from the thumbnail the cops decided that today wasn't going to be a good day for me.

After having pulled us over and inspecting the bike, this police officer decided to get into it and you can see the rest in the video.

For those who support the channel and saw my last video this will definitely make a lot more sense, but in short we always try and be super respectful to the police and having friendly cops is something we definitely want to encourage, so I had to take this one on the chin and just get on with it.

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