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Ronald McDonald is my favorite Sinnoh Elite Four member.

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Thumbnail Art by Emdy:

Onto the Sinnoh Elite Four! Sinnoh's Elite Four is a fun bunch to fight. We've got Bugsy but older, Agatha but ground type, Ronald McDonald, and that weird guy at your local library. All jokes aside, I love this cast of Elite Four members, especially Flint! I loved seeing Flint and Volkner's relationship fleshed out a bit more in Platinum with their appearance outside the Battle Frontier. Also cool to see Lucian a bit at the Canalave Library, proving the bookworm actually does go to the library and learn about Sinnoh lore!

There are a few cool pieces of music I included in this medley, so I'll go over each of them briefly! The medley opens up with "Decisive Battle! (Pokémon League"), which plays when you begin your Elite Four challenge properly. I have so many memories of facing the Elite Four multiple times to level up my Pokémon, and hearing the game's elevator sound effects play over this intense track in the background. It really makes those moments in between fighting the Elite Four members that much more special. At 1:16, the arrangement progresses to "The Elite Four Appears!" which is a bop and a half that didn't need to be a bop and a half. The trainer encounter music in Sinnoh is SO amazing, and this particular theme is probably my second favorite encounter theme (with the first being Spotted! Ace Trainer). It's just SO ridiculously funky, and has a crazy trumpet solo that fit so nicely on the EWI! Following this, we transition into the epic battle theme! This battle theme is actually the same battle theme as the Gym Leader battle theme in Sinnoh, just pitched down a half step. I think it sounds more intimidating in this key! The section at 2:26 is definitely my favorite part of the battle theme, it's just so HEAVY and intimidating, almost like a thumping heart (though if your heart is thumping that hard maaaaaybe you should get that checked out lol). The arrangement then finishes with the victory theme and comes to a nice conclusion!

There are so many little cool fun things I put in this arrangement that I could talk about for a long but I'll just mention a few! First off, I have to give a huge thanks to Emily coming online and playing a ridiculous electric violin part throughout the arrangement, and also for being a very worthy opponent during my the solo battle at the end of the arrangement! I also got a set of bongos, and used those in this arrangement for the first time! Also got to use the electric organ again, which turned out to be super useful for a lot of the weird noodly lines in the first section of the medley. This arrangement turned out and I still have a lot more Sinnoh tunes to work on AHHHH!

♫ "Decisive Battle! (Pokémon League)" from "Pokémon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum" composed by Go Ichinose
♫ "The Elite Four Appears!" from "Pokémon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum" composed by Hitomi Sato
♫ "Battle! (Elite Four)" from "Pokémon Damond / Pearl / Platinum" composed by Junichi Masuda
♫ "Victory (Elite Four)" from "Pokémon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum" composed by Hitomi Sato

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