Pokémon Characters Battle: Falkner VS Karen (BEST TEAMS! Johto True Power Tournament)

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Using their absolute BEST TEAMS in battle, Gym Leader Falkner & Elite 4 Karen collide head-to-head using their best teams for the NEW Johto True Power Tournament!

Falkner, the current Gym Leader of Violet City, and Karen, a current Elite 4 member of the Indigo Plateau. Both are strong but who is more powerful and who has the best team? It's time to battle them head to head in a Gym Leader VS Elite 4 Pokemon wifi battle for the Johto True Power Tournament!



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Falkner’s Best Team: Staraptor, Honchkrow, Lugia, Swellow, Crobat, Aerodactyl

Karen’s Best Team: Umbreon, Honchkrow, Mega Houndoom, Gengar, Vileplume, Weavile

End Theme Music: GlitchxCity on Youtube

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