OnePlus 8T vs 8 Pro comparison review

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Comparing the OnePlus 8T vs the 8 Pro, to see how the new flagship stacks up to the most recent Pro smartphone for camera smarts, performance, battery tech and specs. Now that the OP8T has replaced the OP8, should you grab this new phone or go with the larger, older model?

My long term review of that handset just went live and my full OnePlus 8T unboxing is also up, if you want an in-depth tour of this fresh handset - while my OxygenOS 11 tips guide reveals the best new features coming to that Pro device soon.

No matter your choice, you get plenty of power. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chipset powers both blowers, with the X55 modem adding 5G smarts. Games like PubG and CoD Mobile play like a dream, with the Game Space tool adding useful features on top. However, the OnePlus 8T seems to be a bit more capable in the camera department so far, offering realistic colour reproduction and strong HDR smarts. You also have Warp Charge 65 tech, although only the Pro's battery can be boosted wirelessly.

You get a 120Hz display either way, although the Pro also packs Quad HD Plus visuals. And while the OP8T already comes with OxygenOS 11 and the latest Android out of the box, this slick software will hit the older phone soon enough.

So that's how the latest OnePlus mobiles stack up for specs, camera tech, power and the rest. Have a gander at my long term Pro review for all you need to know about this beast.
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