Ninja Kidz Bro Vs Bro Battles! Sibling Rivalry Bakugan Secret Battle League

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Ninja Kidz TV, Kids Fun TV, BMX Caiden, Extreme Toys, and Damian and Deion battle against each other to see who’s best in this sibling rivalry episode! The Bakugan Secret Battle League is back! And for round 3, there’s a big twist: Bro Vs Bro Battles!

The Ninja Kidz are always up for a Bakugan battle! They’ve been the champions of the Bakguan Secret Battle League before. But what happens when a hacker challenges them in this round? Next up, it’s Kids Fun TV. This brother and sister team always work together to win battles. But this time, they’ll have to battle each other in a sibling rivalry! Then it’s a Bro Vs Bro battle with BMX Caiden. They’ll put their BMX skills to the test in between Bakugan battles. Also in this episode, Extreme Toys unveil a secret underground battle arena where another Bro Vs Bro battle ensues! And last up, Damian and Deion roll into Bakugan battles while also time traveling and dodging attacks from dinosaurs and zombies!

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