NASA vs China New Moon Race, SpaceX Starship Hop Delay, Crew-1 Launch Success

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???? NASA highly likely to delay 2024 moon landing:
???? Details on China's crewed moon mission:

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0:00 Intro: Will the SpaceX Starship hop test at Boca Chica be delayed due to the unsuccessful Starship SN8 static fire? Could China build our first moon base now that NASA moon mission 2024 could be postponed? What does the successful SpaceX Crew-1 mission mean for the future of NASA?
0:51 NASA's Artemis moon to Mars program wouldn't receive enough funding for the 2024 crewed moon landing mission, giving the Chinese space agency a real chance to first return astronauts to the moon.
7:33 Elon Musk would feel challenged by China's moon base plan and SpaceX might establish a private SpaceX moon base with Starship lunar lander before NASA moon mission.
10:10 The NASA SpaceX Crew-1 launch to the ISS was a full success, and SpaceX Falcon 9 Crew Dragon launch system has become NASA's main launch provider for sending astronauts to the ISS.
11:15 As for SpaceX Boca Chica news, SpaceX Starship hop is now delayed as at least one raptor engine has to be replaced after the latest Starship SN8 static fire test. Nonetheless, the 15 km SpaceX Starship flight test could still happen this year with SN8 or SN9.
12:42 At Boca Chica, SpaceX Super Heavy booster sections are waiting to be stacked.

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