My CS:GO Steam Summer Sale 2020 Investing Guide

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Hi everyone,
My name is Ohad ????

Today I decided to talk about the Steam Summer sale of 2020! ????
The sale starts in just a few days! ????
I know that a lot of people been wondering what is it that they should invest in and how they can take full advantage of this event in order to make some profit out of it! ????

In the following video, I shared my honest opinion about the Steam Summer Sale and I will try to teach you how you can find your own good investment opportunity when everything shakes in the market! ????

Just to make things easier for you, ????
00:00 - Intro
00:55 - The Cooler Intro
01:04 - What is it all about?
02:10 - Why it's not consistent?
03:34 - How can you take advantage of the Summer Sale?
04:17 - How do you identify a good deal?
06:08 - What I decided to buy and when to sell?
06:19 - THE RANT, It's okay to not invest all the time!

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Stay awesome

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