Maya reacts to Livestream Fails #12 and Bonus Clips!

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Moist Critical is throbbing!!! (gachiHYPER)

Maya reacts to livestream fails once again. Funny moments in this recap but the video was short so I decided to throw some bonus clips! I understand that this channel was grown off of clip compilations and usually those videos tend to do better but I appreciate all the love and support for the different style of videos! They are really enjoyable to edit and same goes with watching them. Editing more stream content seems to be a good route for the channel because it allows people who can't watch the streams or don't have the time to watch the full VOD to still be able to be active in the community and understand what's been happening! Anyways things should be better in the future and I'm excited for what it might hold. Be sure to like, subscribe, and turn on post notifications by hitting the bell icon!



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