Mango Bravo Inspired Instant Cake Na No Cook. No Steam and No Bake Na Cake. Napakasarap Na Cake.

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Mango Bravo Inspired(Instant Cake)
Mango Bravo is a cake made of meringue wafer, chocolate mousse, cream and sweet mangoes. The shape of the cake is very unique it is tall and round with the iconic style of frosting. The combination may sound sugary but no, it's so good and the flavors are not overpowering.

This time I'll make a "No Cook Mango Bravo Inspired Cake". Yes no cook, meaning this is a cake that doesn't need to be bake. We just need to whipped the cream and assemble the delectable components. Place it in the freezer or chiller and then serve.

740ml all purpose cream, chilled overnight
390g condensed milk,chilled overnight
1 tbsp gelatin, clear & unflavored
1/8 cup very hot water
1 tsp vanilla essence
7-8 pcs. graham crackers
6 pcs. cheesecakes(store bought cake)
4 pcs. fudgee barr(store bought cake)
2 pcs. sweet mangoes, cubes

Whipped cream frosting:
2 cups powdered whipping cream
1 cup very cold water

Chocolate syrup:
1/8 cup evaporated milk
3 tbsp chocolate, chopped

*Costing is in the video

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