Major Torghast Nerfs and Race to World First Begins! Saturday WoW News

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Torghast got some serious tuning this week with a whole laundry list of hotfixes aimed at making the experience more fun, fast and doable. Also, the Race to World First has begun!This show includes discussion of the WoW news of the week and answering questions. If you have any questions that you'd like answered in a Saturday News, include the word 'question' and leave them as comments!

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0:00 - It's Reindeer Season
0:26 - Major Torghast Nerfs
2:30 - What I Think of Torghast and the Changes
5:02 - Mythic Nathria and the Race to World First
5:34 - Easy Heroic Piece from Weekly Event
6:31 - Winter Veil 2020
7:14 - My Week in WoW
8:52 - Does LFR Count For the Weekly Vault?
9:46 - Weekly Vault Loot Pool
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