Learning to fearless doesn't get it! Weight watchers is unhealthy and teaches nothing!

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this video is not to hate on Alex from learning to be fearless. I started watching her channel to help me with my body positive journey. over the years I've healed my relationship with my body and food while at the same time I've watched Alex struggle with her body weight in her relationship with food. now that she's on WW I've seen her gain even more weight. I have to say something for the pure fact that what she does other people do and it's hurting young girls and women. WW is the worst thing you could do for your body it teaches you nothing about nutrition. You can leave mean comments but all is going to do is get you blocked this video is to help people and to show people that weight watchers is never going to help them gain control over their food or body. I hope each and every one of you takes care of your mind body and soul heals your relationship if it's damaged and comes out stronger each and every day.

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