Learning tips for improving your English - Listening Comprehension | Animated | Authentic voices

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In our latest video, Judy and Ed give you useful learning tips for taking your English to the next level? Find out how you can improve your language in a short time. Subscribe: Ed on Instagram

Learning tips for improving your English -Listening Comprehension - Animated story with authentic voices

Use this short story to improve your listening and reading (with subtitles) comprehension. Phrases explained. Perfect for Exam preparation – IELTS | ESL | FCE | CAE

Here is the full transcript of my video:

Hi, my name’s Ed. Welcome to Ed explains English

We often get emails from our viewers and followers on Instagram, asking us for learning tips.

So, in this video, we are going to give you some ideas of how you can take your English learning to the next level.

Because English is our mother tongue, we never really had to learn it, but we’ve both learned a second language, haven’t we?

Yes, we have. But these tips apply to any language you want to learn.
For me, it is important to learn all skills – active, speaking, writing, listening and reading passive, equally.

Most schools focus on the passive skills and writing, so students don’t get the opportunity to speak as much as they should.

You are right. Students should practice speaking with each other as often as possible and not be afraid to make mistakes. If they have the opportunity to go to a country where they are forced to speak English, all the better.

Reading all books, whether fiction or non-fiction is a great way to learn new vocabulary, as well as deepening your knowledge of sentence structure.

If you have an e-reader, you can click on the words and get a definition or sometimes a translation in your chosen language.

Yes, that’s a great feature. The device I have automatically saves those words, so that I have them in a list.

Or you could write them down in a book, I suppose.
Yes, you should always write down new words that you want to memorise. As we enter adulthood, we really need to do that.

I agree. Unfortunately, after we leave childhood, we seem to lose the photographic memory we once had.

People can also read on Instagram and Facebook. We have complementary vocabulary and grammar content on both platforms, for all our videos.

Podcasts are another good way to learn authentic English. One which I listen to with my students, is the BBC’s 6-minute English. It’s really good.

A quick an easy way to learn. You could listen while commuting or even cleaning your teeth. Maybe we should do a podcast Ed.

It is definitely something to consider Judy. Watching films and series in the original language on television or on one of the many streaming platforms is another great way to practise your listening comprehension.

I guess if people have problems understanding, they could also use subtitles to help them.

17 - Yes, of course. That’s a great idea.

So to summarise, Ed and Judy’s top tips are; to speak as often as you can and never worry about making a mistake!

Read as much as possible to improve your knowledge of sentence structure.

Write words down you want to learn to increase your vocabulary power.
Listen to Podcasts to strengthen your listening comprehension. Watch films and TV shows in English, using subtitles if necessary.

It goes without saying that watching YouTube videos is a great way to learn, but I think our viewers know that already! Have you got a final tip Judy?

Learning English for fifteen minutes a day, is much better than 90 minutes one day a week.

Okay, that’s important. So, by watching this video, they’ve already done three minutes!

Only twelve more to go. Time to check out some of our other videos.
Before you do, we would like to thank you for watching this video. Visit Instagram, where you can find complementary vocabulary for this and our other videos. Please like, comment, and share this video with your friends, as well as subscribing. Thanks for watching. Tootle pip.

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