Learning by yourself in 2021 is it worth it?

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Is it worth it teaching yourself kitesurfing?
So is it all worth it? If your objective is to save money, probably not. You'll still have the cost of getting a trainer kite and the kitesurfing equipment you'll learn on, plus you will be making mistakes that can break the kite or yourself while trying to figure it out.
Of course, you may have some equipment available to you at little or no cost, for example, friends or cheap bargains on the internet. But even assuming it's in a good enough state to make it safe, chances are you're going to abuse it quite a bit while you're learning and may have to replace it for the person you borrowed it from.
On the other hand, if you choose the lesson's path, the school's equipment will be the one to take the beating instead, so that's savings right there.
But the highest potential cost of learning kitesurfing on your own is in hospital bills and possible lawsuits for injuring yourself or someone else – these could even last for a lifetime. If you learn through a kitesurfing school, you'll typically be covered by their insurance. If you go it alone, though, consider purchasing insurance yourself.
Another side consequence of causing an accident on yourself or someone else is that it may lead to authorities closing the beach to kitesurfing, something that will upset the local kitesurfers and get you banned for it!
Wrapping up
If like me, you're the self-learning type, my advice to you is to still start with a few lessons to cover the most critical aspects from a safety standpoint – even though you may only take classes for some essential parts of the full learning process.
When I started, i had to learn by myself as nobody could teach me. Still, i went to have some tips straight with the brand that sold me the kites. That was not enough, and i had to self-learn the rest. There were no youtube or other forms to get more knowledge at the time, so going to the beach and trying was all we had. I had some accidents that luckily weren't super bad. But they could have been. Internet was starting, so one of my primary sources for information was the kite forum. It was only 500 people at the time, but i got a lot of knowledge there. It is still an excellent source of information and tips.
Start by reading up on basic wind theory, check out some Youtube videos, then get your hands on a trainer kite, and get familiar with steering, window positioning, and traction without any risk.
Then, book a few lessons in the right kitesurf school to learn how to set up your power kite and lines without mistakes and launch and land the kite (this is the most dangerous moment in kiteboarding). Learn the safety aspect of how and when to use the quick release, what to do if your kite crashes, control your kite with one hand, how to body drag and relaunch, and how to water start.
If you're a smart learner, you should be able to get these steps down in 4 to 5 hours of private instruction and then freely move on to more self-learning. After the basics, I recommend you have spaced out lessons to practice the skills you learn in between.

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