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Watch this 11-hour tutorial on Programming Basics in Hindi! Programming is the need of the hour with technology taking the world by the storm, and this is exactly why it’s one of the most favoured educational as well as career options today! Not just this, people also take up programming simply to add to their skillsets or learn it as a hobby, and that’s how important a role it play’s among today’s youth.

Great Learning brings you an 11-hour tutorial on Programming Basics in Hindi to help you understand everything you need to know about four popular programming languages and getting started on the journey to learn about them well. This video will discuss four of the most popular programming languages, C programming, C++ programming, Java and SQL. This video teaches all four programming languages in Hindi and their key functions and concepts with a variety of demonstrations & examples to help you get started on the right foot.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:15 Agenda
00:02:36 C Programming
00:10:17 Comments, Tokens and Variables in C
00:22:21 Data Types in C
00:33:03 Operators in C
00:47:11 Strings in C
00:55:30 Math Library in C
00:58:39 Booleans in C
01:00:30 Conditional Statements in C
01:19:00 Arrays in C
01:25:54 Pointers in C
01:30:21 Functions in C
01:38:30 Structures and Union in C
01:45:16 C++ Programming
01:54:52 Comments and Variables in C++
02:05:25 C++ Data Types
02:12:11 Operators in C++
02:26:57 Strings in C++
02:33:02 Math Library in C++
02:35:43 Booleans in C++
02:37:43 Conditional Statements in C++
02:57:55 Arrys in C++
03:11:13 Pointers in C++
03:17:11 Functions in C++
03:29:21 Class in C++
03:45:47 Inheritance in C++
04:16:06 Java Programming
04:28:13 Variables, Data types, and Operators in Java
04:43:01 Flow Control Statements in Java
05:14:00 Functions in Java
05:40:32 Arrays in Java
06:04:44 Object-Oriented Programming in Java
07:29:35 Introduction to DBMS
07:48:00 Normalization
08:03:15 Introduction to SQL
08:14:38 DDL, DML and DCL
08:38:51 SQL Operators
08:58:23 SQL Group By and Having
09:20:44 SQL Joins
09:36:04 SQL Practice

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