Jonathan Joestar vs All Jojo Characters Anime Battle Arena...

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In this anime battle arena 11 vs 1, we did Jonathan Joestar vs all jojo characters and the outcome

Basically if you're new to this series, I take 11 people from my discord and we hop into anime battle arena. We play as characters you guys choose in the weekly vote and they have to team up and defeat a jugged, beffy, stronk version of me using what ever character you guys chose. We do best out of 3, so far I've lost the last 2 times we did This is Anime Battle Arena Jugged

Anime battle arena Roblox is a PVP anime fighting game with characters from multiple Anime's. Some rosters include DBZ, One-piece, Bleach, Jojo Bizarre Adventure, and more. You can unlock a variety of skins, some are basic and others are legendary, as well as unlock new anime characters. Roblox anime battle arena is a pretty good Roblox PVP game.

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