John Piper’s Big Book on the Providence of God

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John Piper’s new book ‘Providence’ is now available. This is an interview with John about the book, led by Dr. Joe Rigney of Bethlehem College & Seminary. You can order the book from our friends at Westminster Books for just $:

00:00 - Why a book on providence?
3:45 - How did ‘Providence’ come together?
7:53 - How does ‘Providence’ relate to your other books?
9:34 - How does the Bible challenge our assumptions?
15:57 - Is providence different than sovereignty?
18:33 - What is free will?
22:27 - How do providence and human responsibility relate?
30:05 - Cancer, earthquakes, and providence
33:41 - Who causes evil — Satan or God?
39:09 - Is God sovereign over Satan?
43:55 - Where Is providence in tragedies?
51:47 - Can I trust a God who governs evil?
56:13 - How should pastors teach providence?
1:05:30 - Prayer, planning, and the providence of God
1:15:08 - How does providence relate to perseverance?
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