Inside Russia!! EPIC RUSSIAN FOOD + 95°C Russian Steam Bath (Sauna) in Snow!! | Suzdal, Russia!

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SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Outside of Moscow, we headed to the Russian countryside in search of delicious home-style Russian food and especially for a chance to try the Russian steam bath, known as a banya, or sauna. #Russia #RussianFood

Big thank you to Dmitry from Value of the Moment () for taking us around Moscow. Check him out for tours in Russia, especially in and around Murmansk.

Pechki-Lavochki - Russian countryside lodge - This is where we headed first, an amazing rustic lodge in the countryside, and known for its farm and banya (sauna). We started by cooking lunch, which they had prepared some local Russian dishes, including a soup of cabbage and pork cooked in a hot fire oven, and a selection of pickled wild mushrooms, along with a selection of Russian vodka and drinks. The food was delicious!

Next we went into Suzdal to do some sightseeing, visiting some churches and museums of heritage. We visited the Museum of Wooden Architecture and the Suzdal Kremlin, both of which were impressive.

Ogurets Restaurant - Suzdal, Russia - Next we had a snack at Ogurets Restaurant, a restaurant that translates to cucumber. The food was pretty good, but not as good as the home-cooked food we had before.

We returned to Pechki-Lavochki, the Russian lodge, to eat Russian pancakes and some desserts, and finally for the main event of the night - Russian steam back, or banya (sauna). It was amazing, and there was just enough snow to bake in the banya and then roll in the snow!

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