infinite power meme // collab // piggy book 2 chapter 6 // flipaclip

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you can react to it if you want to

sorry for not putting outro, I didn't because their not enough to put them, anyway! if you're asking why I did a collab, first of all, I asked her to do collab because I was tired and too lazy to make a meme and I wanted her to help me.
and I like the collab actually but it's a little bit cringy qwq
anyway! hope you guys enjoyed it, and now I can keep animating in peace úwù


stuff used : flipaclip (12 fps) , capcut

time taken : two days

characters : willow, kolie, pony, Mia, zelda, okami, zee and zuzy


okami channel :

Instagram :

my discord server :
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