I'm Killing Grass & Weeds Before Seeding A New Lawn Space

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Before seeding any new lawn space, no matter how big or small it is, it's a good idea to prepare the space for seed first by killing off any undesirable existing grass and weeds before you level, seed, and top dress.

Because this process is somewhat labor intensive (and lengthy) many people skip it all together and deal with weeds and mixed grass types as a result.

In almost all cases it's best to seed a lawn at the end of summer but because I'm doing this in the Spring even I cut the process of killing off the existing grass a bit short so I expect to have to deal with some weeds with post-emergent herbicides later in the hopefully it won't be too bad though.

► You can see the first video in this series where I tested out herbicidal soap as a vegetation killer here:

I ended up applying a diluted glyphosate weed and grass killer to finish the job off but a better method would have been to use something stronger right from the beginning.

If I were to do this again I'd use a glyphosate concentrate and mix it myself to a stronger consistency that the 2% spray bottle I used. I'd also add a surfactant to help with leaf contact too but we all live and learn.

► Here's an Amazon affiliate link to the Glyphosate concentrate if you want to try something stronger on your property:

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