HW News - Steam: RX 6800 & RTX 3070 Don't Exist, Intel $2.18B Lawsuit, Nintendo Switch 2

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Hardware news covers Intel "GPU" sales booming, the absence of AMD's RX 6800 from Steam's hardware survey, Intel's $ lawsuit, TSMC's 3nm hiring for an Arizona plant, & more.
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00:00 - Recapping the Week
00:58 - GPU Sales Booming - Especially for Intel
04:28 - Steam Hardware Survey Shows NVIDIA Growth
07:21 - NVIDIA RTX 3090 Blower Cards Disappear
11:29 - Intel Kills Performance Tuning Plan
12:45 - GTA V Online Load Times Cut with DLL
15:23 - Intel Loses $ in Infringement Case
18:01 - TSMC: 3nm on Track & Hiring Begins in Arizona
20:05 - Texas Semiconductor Plants Still Offlines
22:00 - Nintendo Switch 2 / Pro Rumors
23:00 - Epic Acquires Tonic Games
24:03 - New EU Right to Repair Law

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Host, Additional Writing: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Keegan Gallick
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