How to Steam Your Home Oven For Perfect Bread

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In case you didn't know, in order to bake beautiful sourdough breads properly you absolutely must have steam. There is no question about it. Steam is what moisturizes the outside of the loaf and allows it to form a malleable skin that expands during baking, otherwise you would just have a brick rather than a light airy loaf. Now the means in which you go about obtaining that steam can be done a few different ways. The more common way for home bakers is to use the dutch oven or cast iron pot method which basically just traps the steam the loaf itself puts out. The oven steaming method is superior and in this video I'll show you why.

Lava Rocks:
Baking Stone Tiles:
Half Hotel Pan:
My Beginner Sourdough Bread:

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Here's the process in steps:
your stones with the lava rocks to 505F or 262C for 1 hour
2. 15 minutes before loading your oven pour boiling water over 4 rolled up towels placed in a metal baking dish (don't use glass) and place on the floor of your oven next to the lava rocks.
3. 5 minutes before loading your oven(which would be 10 minutes into placing your towels in), turn your broiler on high to superheat the stone.
4. After that time is up, turn your broiler off and set the oven back to 505F or 262C.
5. Place your loaves on individual sheets of parchment paper, score them as you like, spray them lightly with water.
6. Load your oven with your loaves making sure there is room for expansion
7. Lay a kitchen towel on the glass part of your oven door to prevent shattering (DO NOT SKIP), then using oven mitts slightly pull out your lava rock skillet, pour in 2 cups or 473ml of water (room temperature or cold water is fine) and very quickly but safely close the oven door to trap the steam.
8. Steam for 20 minutes, then remove both steamers, reduce the oven temperature down to 465F or 240C and bake for an additional 20-30 minutes or until rich dark brown.
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