How to Play Key Battle Big Hunt Polygon World of Warships Wows Guide

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How to Play Key Battle Big Hunt Polygon World of Warships Wows Guide review tips strategy & tactics featuring high quality replay gameplay highlights.

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00:00 Key Battle opening tactics and battlepoints explained
02:54 Key Battle Goals and how to escape the Polygon
03:39 Where to find the exit keys and Octogon
04:40 Different player tactics
05:37 UI Numbers Icons explained
06:37 How do these new types of different ships play and equipment/upgrades
08:33 Key Battle Gameplay demonstration mid to end game phase

The new battle type pits 16 players against each other and AI-controlled monsters on the gigantic Polygon start out alone, but you can gather a team of up to three ships directly in battle. For destroying monsters and other players, you'll get a temporary resource—Battle Points. Having accumulated a certain number of Battle Points in one battle, you’ll unlock the ability to reinforce your ship directly in that battle. However, upgrading your ship in battle will not actually spend Points—all earned Points will appear in your Port regardless of any upgrades made in battle.
The Battle Points you accrue can be exchanged for various rewards in the Armory. As you get closer to the center of the map, you'll find a specially marked monster with a key. After destroying the monster, you'll receive its key. This will allow you to exit the map via the Portal. When all the keys have been used or the Portal is closed, the remaining ships will be transported to a special area—the Octagon. The final battle takes place in a gradually shrinking combat zone. The last surviving ship will also leave the Polygon successfully. Successfully escaping the Polygon will bring you additional Battle Points. Each of the three ships offers a wide variety of modules that can have a significant impact on gameplay.

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