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An aspiring novelist purchases the “muse” of a famous dead author at a garage sale. But what does the muse want in return?

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More About FEED YOUR MUSE: Andrew is an aspiring but broke novelist. After acquiring a sculpture purported to be the “muse” of a famous dead author, Andrew begins waking up every day filled with creative inspiration. But, at night, he starts to experience an unsettling form of sleep paralysis.

Written and Produced by - Matt Sweeney
Directed, Co-Produced by - Brendan Beachman
Cinematography, Color Grading by - Colin Arndt
Executive Produced by - Jeremy Pinckert
Editor, Post Producer - Todd Sandler
Original Compositions by - Blair Borland
Sound Design - Lukas Arbogast
Visual Effects - Jordan Allen
Creature Effects Designer - Koji Ohmura
Special Effects Makeup Artist - Shelby Smith
Andrew - Zachary Ray Sherman
Nick - Scott Kuza
Caroline - Jocelyn Hall
Janice - Avital Ash
Muse Creature - Kyleigh Hoye

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