Giuliani, Ellen, Ghislaine Maxwell, Tim Scott, space tourism, infrastructure, and Havana Syndrome

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In this jam-packed episode, Cash Peters, the English Channel, casts his third eye over the possible future of Ghislaine Maxwell, celebrated (by Republicans) Senator Tim Scott, Jeff Bezos's attempts at suborbital space flight, and whether the Democrats' infrastructure bill is likely to pass. Plus, he revisits Rudy Giuliana's recent pictures, and Ellen Degeneres's too. And, while he's at it, he sticks his nose in the possibility that enemies armed with microwaves have it in for the White House.

All for entertainment purposes only, of course. Just one guy's opinion, right?

With those poignant opening remarks tucked safely under our communal belt, and since you've been caught red-handed rummaging around in the basement of this video - welcome, by the way; you're looking fabulous! - have you ever wondered what it would feel like to support Cash's channel? Well, here's your chance. Spoiler alert: it may give you a fuzzy, warm sensation inside. Donate at Not only is it easy, but each gift, when it's received, is celebrated with a leprechaun kick. How's that for service?

The amazing transition pictures for Mr. Rogers are on the Soul Crossings channel. Click here:

The video containing the pictures for Rudy Giuliani is here:

The Soul Crossings video for Jesus is now up too. Click here to watch: Hey, and why not check out some of the other transition videos while you're there? There's also Maya Angelou, Ram Dass, Elvis Presley, Bernie Madoff, Marilyn Monroe, Prince, Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, Princess Diana, and others.

If you'd like to understand how Cash does his pictures, there's a video you can watch. You'll find it here:
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