Episode 78. The MIG-31. A flight to the near space

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In this episode of Combat Approved, the viewers of Zvezda TV will learn more about the capabilities of the MiG-31. And they are impressive. After all, it holds several world records, which no other fighter in the world has been able to break yet. MiG-31 can climb to a height of 12-15 miles. This is near space, where tears do not even freeze - they boil. There is almost no air, the temperature and pressure are unsuitable for humans. But this is insignificant for the Russian fighter jet. Moreover, it can accelerate up to 1860 miles per hour up there. That's three times faster than sound. But after all, the MiG-31 is a military vehicle. This means the fighter is able to do all these things with full ammunition allowance on board. In this episode of Combat Approved, we'll send the Russian fighter jet to the borders of near space, where our Earth takes the form of a sphere. And we will show what the pilots feel in these moments.

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