dream completely DESTROYS the dream team in a rap battle...

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Dream completely DESTROYS the dream team in a rap battle

Karl invites Dream, George, Sapnap and Quackity to play The Jackbox Party Pack and one of the minigames is a series of rap battles wich everyone get to diss everyone and have fun! Enjoy the video!

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The Jackbox Party Pack is a fun time when the Dream Team get together. It's like watching Bob Ross but worse! Watch Dream and GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap and Quackity and KarlJacobs making fun of themselves and drop bars in Mad Verse City. They have fun here folks! No, none of them are playing Minecraft challenges (although I sure wish we were - think of the views!) They're simply a bunch of friends making funny moments compilations with each other.
Dream makes many appearances! DREAM!

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