Do Electric Cars Save You Money? Can They Save The Earth?

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In this video we find out if driving an electric car will save you money over gas cars. Also, will electric cars save the Earth by limiting the air pollution our daily traffic emits? If you are interested in finding out how much it costs to run a Tesla per mile and if they are actually any better for the environment then a gas car you should watch this video.

In this video we calculate out the cost of running an electric car vs. the cost of running a gas powered car. Does running the electric car save you money in the long term and how much? Are gas powered cars that much more expensive to run?

Also, if you drive an electric car are you helping to save the environment? Are electric cars cleaner and do they pollute less than a gas power car. While there are many factors that will decide this we touch on some of the reasons electric cars may not be as clean as some think.

Find out how much a Tesla car costs to run per mile. We talk about this and more in our video so that you don't need to wonder about that. If you are interested in technology then please subscribe to our channel and help support more videos like this. Thank you.
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