Dirt 5 on Xbox One X review: So much for my £450 console...

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This is a video review of the Xbox One X version of Dirt 5. A little more detail on the patch situation: I played the game all the way through on PS4 over the weekend when I reviewed it for Official PlayStation Magazine, and of course having been commissioned to do that by the editor, I can't then review that version on my channel because the magazine's not out yet. So I received an Xbox code from the very kind folk at Koch Media, although it soon became clear that the Day 0 patch was not ready. Indeed, it was only ready around 9:20am this morning. Having played the game this weekend prior to the patch, I was only concerned about the graphics, but if anything it actually runs worse after the patch than before it! So this is a review of the Xbox One X version, as seen in the Day 0 patch. Some of the footage here concerning game modes etc is from the pre-patched build, but not the parts where I'm discussing the technical problems - that's all as it will be on release day. Please do read my review of the game in Official PlayStation Magazine UK as it's fair to say the PS4 version is a completely different story.

Thanks for watching - cheers.
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